Top 5 AARP Cell Phones For Seniors

AARP Cell Phones For Seniors

When I first started looking for a simple cell phone for my grandma, I felt really confused. There were so many options and it was hard to figure out which one would be best. But then I found out about AARP cell phones made just for seniors like her.

These special phones are made to be easy to use, especially for older people. They made a big difference in my grandma’s life, and I didn’t have to help her with tech stuff all the time. If you’re in a similar situation, these phones could be a great solution for you too.

In this article, I’ll tell you all about the top 5 AARP cell phones for seniors. I’ll also explain their plans, how you can get one, and more helpful information. So, keep reading to find the best option for your loved one!

What do we mean by AARP Cell Phones for Seniors? 

Well, these are special phones and plans made just for older folks. They’re designed in a way that’s helpful for seniors, with things like bigger buttons, easy menus, and even emergency services. This makes it much easier for seniors to use their phones confidently and stay connected.

Who is Eligible to Get an AARP Cell Phone Plan?

An AARP phone is something available for people who are part of the AARP organization. This means you need to be a member of AARP to use their special phones and plans.

If you’re 50 years old or older, you can become an AARP member. Being a member comes with a lot of good stuff, and we’ll talk about those benefits in a bit.

Getting an AARP membership is easy. You can do it online. There’s a small fee you have to pay each year, starting at just $12 if you choose EasyPay.

To become a member, go to the AARP website at Look for the “Join” button at the top, click on it, and you’re on your way to becoming a member today.

How to Get AARP Recommended Smartphone for Seniors

To get AARP Cell Phone for seniors, you need to be part of AARP. So, make sure you fit the criteria mentioned below:

  • If you’re already in a government assistance program like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Medicaid, you can apply for an AARP cell phone plan.
  • If your income is equal to or lower than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you’re also eligible for AARP phones.

Here’s how you can apply for an AARP Cell Phone for seniors:

  • Choose a Cell Phone Provider that’s part of the program.
  • Ask the company in your area for an application for an AARP cell phone through the Lifeline program.
  • Fill out the application with the correct information.
  • Give them the documents they need.
  • Send in your application and wait for an answer. If you qualify, you could get your new cell phone in about 4 to 5 days.

Top Providers Offering AARP Cell Phones for Seniors in 2023

Top Providers Offering AARP Free Phones for Seniors in 2023

If you’re an AARP member looking for free phones and great deals, these cell phone providers have got you covered:

1. AT&T 

AARP members can enjoy some impressive perks with AT&T. They offer a 10% discount on monthly wireless bills and even 15% off select cell phone accessories. Switching to AT&T while being an AARP member could get you a $100 credit for each line when buying a new phone on an eligible installment plan. Plus, specific plans like AT&T Unlimited Extra come with $10 monthly discounts per line for accounts with 5 lines or fewer, and $5 discounts for accounts with more than 5 lines. And that’s not all – you could save up to $45 on upgrade and activation fees.

2. Cricket Wireless 

Cricket Wireless has something special for AARP members too. Buying a cell phone from them gets you a $20 Visa promotional card through a mail-in rebate. This offer is available when purchasing from authorized dealers, online shops, retail stores, or other outlets. Just make sure you complete and send in the rebate form within 60 days of activating the phone. AARP members need to stay active during the rebate processing time, and both new and current customers can benefit.

3. Sprint (now part of T-Mobile) 

Former Sprint customers can now enjoy T-Mobile’s services. AARP members can still get discounts on their cell phones and plans through T-Mobile. To get this, fill out an application form and provide proof of your AARP membership. If you’re eligible, sign a 2-year service contract to receive the discount. This discount isn’t just limited to AARP members – various groups like credit union members, military personnel, and others can also benefit.

4. Consumer Cellular 

Consumer Cellular is a top choice for AARP members. They offer tailored cell phone plans for seniors starting as low as $15 per month. They also provide phones designed with seniors in mind, like the Doro 7050 flip phone. AARP members can enjoy a 5% discount on monthly plans, save up to 30% on mobile accessories, and even get their money-back guarantee period extended from 30 to 45 days.

Top 5 AARP Cell Phones for Seniors in 2023 

Discovering the right AARP Cell Phones for Seniors can make a big difference. Here are the top 5 options:

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme 

For seniors who might have trouble hearing, the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme is a fantastic pick. It has loudspeakers and noise cancellation, which helps a lot. It’s also great if you use a hearing aid because it’s designed to work well with them. This phone can do texting, calling, and even go on the internet. It’s tough too, so water and extreme temperatures won’t bother it.

Jitterbug Smart3 

The Jitterbug Smart3 by Lively is a great choice. It has a big and bright touchscreen, which makes using it super easy. The menu is simple to understand, and the battery lasts a long time. It can even type what you say and follow your voice commands, which is helpful. This phone also works well with hearing aids and other Bluetooth devices. Plus, you can add medical alert features to it for an extra fee.

Consumer Cellular’s Link II

The Link II is a basic phone with everything you need. You can call, text, and take pictures with it. The buttons are large and user-friendly. It works with hearing aids and the display is bright. The best part? It’s not expensive! You don’t have to spend too much to get a good phone.

Alcatel Go-Flip 3 

The Alcatel Go-Flip 3 stands apart from the majority of flip phones. It’s like a regular phone, but it’s also smart. You can talk to it, and it can help you do things like make appointments and send texts. It works with hearing aids and has big buttons that are easy to press. The screen inside is good for reading, and the outside shows you who’s calling.

Samsung Galaxy A13 

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is a great fit for seniors. Its battery lasts a long time, so you won’t need to charge it as often. It has a powerful camera for taking pictures and a fingerprint sensor to unlock it easily.

Which AARP Cell Phone is the Top Choice for Seniors in 2023? 

If you’re wondering which AARP cell phone is the best for seniors this year, the answer is the Jitterbug Flip Smart3. One of the standout things about this phone is its SOS emergency button. This means if there’s an urgent situation, seniors can easily get help by pressing a button.

There’s more to like about this phone too. It has two cameras, which is pretty cool. The menu on the phone is really easy to use, and the screen is big, so everything is clear to see. The battery lasts a long time, so there’s no need to worry about charging it all the time. And if someone uses a hearing aid, this phone works well with that too. It’s a great choice all around!

Features of AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

Features of AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

Let’s explore the special features that AARP Cell Phones offer to seniors:

Big Screen Display 

AARP cell phones have larger screens that are great for seniors, especially those who might have trouble seeing small text. This helps seniors read texts and watch videos without any difficulty.

Easy Touch 

These phones have a special touch feature that’s easy to use. It works on both Android and iPhone AARP cell phones, making it simple to do things with just a touch.

Helpful Siri 

Many AARP cell phones, especially iPhones, come with Siri. Think of Siri as a helpful guide inside your phone. It can help seniors do different things just by listening to their instructions.

Flashy LED Light 

When someone calls, the AARP phones have an LED light that blinks to let you know. It’s a useful way to get notified without needing to hear the phone ring.

Clear Sound Amplifier 

These phones have a special tool called a sound amplifier. It makes sounds clearer by getting rid of background noise and making quiet sounds louder. This makes conversations on the phone super clear.

Long-Lasting Battery 

AARP phones have really strong batteries that last a long time, with a capacity of over 4000 mAh. This is great for seniors who might forget to charge their phones often.

All these features are designed to make using phones easier and more enjoyable for seniors.

Best AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 

Here are the top 5 AARP Senior Cell Phone Plans that you might find helpful:

Consumer Cellular: This company is known for making things easy for seniors. Their plans start at just $20 each month, and you get unlimited talk, text, and some data. Plus, if you’re an AARP member, you can get a 5% discount.

GreatCall/Jitterbug: GreatCall is all about helping seniors. Their Jitterbug phones have special safety features. You can get a plan for $14.99 a month, and that gives you 200 minutes to talk.

AT&T Senior Nation Plan: If you’re 65 or older, AT&T has a plan just for you. For $29.99 a month, you get 200 minutes to talk, and 500 minutes for nights and weekends. AARP members can save up to $10 a month on this plan.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+: T-Mobile has a cool deal for those who are 55 or older. You can get unlimited talk, text, and data for $27.50 a month per line. Plus, they even have something free every Tuesday through their special app.

Verizon 55 Plus Plan: If you’re 55 or over and live in certain states, Verizon has a deal for you. You can get unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 a month per line if you have 2 lines.

Benefits of AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 

Benefits of AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 

Using AARP cell phone plans comes with some great benefits for seniors:

  • With these plans, seniors can talk and text as much as they want. They don’t need to worry about running out of minutes or texts.
  • Seniors also get deals on data plans. This is helpful because it saves them money, which they can use for other important things.
  • AARP cell phone plans are made to be affordable, even for older folks. This means seniors can easily fit the cost into their budget.

By choosing AARP cell phone plans, seniors can enjoy these perks and stay connected without any hassle.

How to Choose the Best AARP Cell Phones for Seniors?

When it comes to picking AARP Cell phones for seniors, there are some important things you should think about. Here’s what you need to remember:

Company Reputation Matters 

The first thing to think about is how well the AARP cell phone provider is known. Check how long they’ve been around and what people say about them. If they’ve been in business for a long time, it’s a sign they’re doing something right.


Look at how the contracts work. A good AARP cell phone provider should offer great phones at affordable prices without making you sign tricky contracts. Avoid providers that try to trap you with harsh rules if you want to leave before the contract ends.

Customer Help

You might need help with your phone at some point. That’s when you’ll call customer service. Make sure the cell phone provider has good customer service that’s ready to assist you. It’s best to go for a provider that cares about its customers.

Best Brands and Devices 

Check out the phones they offer. You want a provider that sells phones from top brands. Think about the devices they have too, like routers for the internet. Going for a provider with top-quality phones and devices is a good idea.

What to Think About When Choosing a Mobile Phone and Plan for Seniors 

When you’re looking to get a mobile phone and plan for seniors, there are a bunch of things you should think about. There are so many options out there, and if it’s your first time, it might feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ve got a guide that can help you make a smart choice:

Coverage Matters 

Before you pick a plan, it’s really important to check if the service works well where you live and go. You can do this by looking at a map on the service provider’s website. This will show you where their network works.

Watch Out for Extra Costs

Some companies sneak in extra charges that you might not know about. These charges can make your bill bigger. So, find out about any activation fees or upgrade costs before you sign up.

Speedy Internet 

If you like using the internet a lot, make sure the plan you choose has fast internet. Some plans offer really fast speeds, and this helps a lot when you’re doing things online.


Who doesn’t like saving money, right? Look for plans that offer discounts. Some plans have special prices for older people. For example, Consumer Cellular gives discounts to AARP members.

Extra Features 

Some phones come with cool extras. Like GreatCall’s Jitterbug, which has a button for emergencies. If you need help, you can press it, and someone will be there to assist you.

Returning Policy

Different companies have different return policies. Some let you return a phone within 14 days, and others give you 30 days. Just make sure you understand the rules if you want to return something.

Think About Seeing and Hearing 

For seniors with trouble seeing or hearing, it’s good to choose a phone with big buttons and a bright screen. You want a phone that’s easy to read and hear from.

Special Features for Help 

Look for phones with features that help seniors. Like voice-to-text for typing and touch assist for easier navigation. These features can make using a phone much simpler.

Safety Comes First 

Many phones for seniors have safety features. Some can track your location, and others have emergency alerts. These are helpful in case of emergencies.

Check the Warranty

It’s smart to choose a phone with a warranty. If the phone breaks, you can get it fixed for free if it’s under warranty.


Seniors might accidentally drop their phones. So, look for phones that are sturdy and can handle a bit of falling. This way, your phone will last longer even with some bumps and drops.

By thinking about these things, you’ll be able to choose a phone and plan that works perfectly for a senior’s needs. It might seem like a lot, but taking your time to decide will be worth it in the end.

Benefits of Opting AARP Cell Phone Plan Over Other Options

Going for an AARP cell phone plan has its unique advantages when compared to other choices out there:

Big Discounts for Seniors: AARP cell phone plans offer some fantastic discounts, particularly for seniors who have lower incomes. These discounts can be more than half off, which is a great way for seniors to save money.

Cost-Effective Plans: When you compare AARP cell phone plans with those of other companies, you’ll likely find that AARP plans are more budget-friendly. This is a big deal for seniors who want to get a good deal without spending a lot.

Free Unlimited Talk and Text: With AARP cell phone plans, you can get unlimited talk time and texts for free. This is a fantastic feature that helps seniors stay connected without worrying about extra costs.


In conclusion, AARP cell phones for seniors provide tailored solutions that prioritize ease of use, affordability, and connectivity. These specialized devices and plans empower seniors with features like large screens, assistive touch, and discounts, ensuring they stay connected and engaged while enjoying a hassle-free mobile experience tailored to their needs.


Do AARP cell phone plans have data options for seniors who use the internet? 

Yes, AARP cell phone plans do offer data options for seniors who use the internet. Many plans provide data allowances to help seniors browse the web, use apps, and stay connected online.

Can I keep my current phone number when switching to an AARP cell phone plan?

Yes, most AARP cell phone plans allow you to keep your current phone number when switching to their service. This process is called “porting” and helps you maintain your existing contacts and connections.

Are there any restrictions on the types of phones I can use with AARP cell phone plans?

AARP cell phone plans are designed to work with a variety of phones, including both basic phones and smartphones. However, it’s recommended to check with the specific cell phone provider to ensure compatibility before making a switch.

What should I do if I have technical issues with my AARP cell phone?

If you encounter technical issues with your AARP cell phone, you can reach out to the customer service provided by the cell phone carrier. They can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving any problems you may be experiencing.

Can I add family members or multiple lines to my AARP cell phone plan?

Yes, many AARP cell phone plans offer family or multi-line options. This allows you to add family members or additional lines to your plan, often at a discounted rate compared to having separate individual plans.

Do AARP cell phone plans come with international calling or travel options? 

Some AARP cell phone plans do offer international calling and travel options, but these features can vary depending on the carrier and specific plan. It’s advisable to review the plan details or contact customer service to understand the international options available.

Can I get a replacement phone if mine gets damaged or lost? 

Yes, most AARP cell phone providers offer options for getting a replacement phone if yours gets damaged or lost. Some carriers offer device protection plans that cover such situations, allowing you to get a replacement phone for a fee.

Are there any discounts or benefits for AARP members beyond cell phone plans? 

Yes, AARP membership often comes with various discounts and benefits beyond just cell phone plans. These may include savings on travel, insurance, entertainment, and more. It’s a good idea to explore the full range of benefits that come with your AARP membership.

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