How to Get Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone

Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone

Long gone are the days when mobile phones were considered luxurious items. Nowadays, they have become essential gadgets in our everyday lives. They do more than just let you make calls – they help you get quick medical assistance during emergencies and keep you in touch with your family and friends. While you can buy a mobile phone if you want, it’s also nice to know that you can sometimes get one for free.

You’re searching for a free mobile phone, and guess what? You might want to check out Cricket Wireless plans. Why? Well, they are giving away free mobile phones to people who switch to their network. It’s like a bonus! And that’s not all, because they also offer affordable cell phone plans. 

This means you won’t have to spend a lot of money to stay connected and talk with your friends. In this article, we’re going to explore Cricket Wireless free government phone offers, how you can snag one for yourself, and the special deals they have for people who are new to their service. It’s all about making sure you stay connected without emptying your wallet.

Does Cricket Wireless Offer Free Government Phones?

While Cricket is involved in specific government programs that provide discounts on monthly services, they don’t give out free government phones.

Now, let’s dive into the details. You might have heard about Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). These programs vary depending on the provider. Some providers, like Cricket Wireless, give discounts only on the monthly service cost. But others go a step further and offer discounts on actual devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, or even desktop computers.

Let’s take a look at the good stuff Cricket does offer in terms of government assistance. Keep reading to find out more!

Remember, even though Cricket doesn’t hand out free phones through Lifeline or ACP, they do have their own cool way of giving out free phones. Yep, you heard that right! They have special deals where you can snag a Cricket Wireless free government phone. Curious? Check out these awesome Cricket deals over at

Cricket Lifeline and ACP Discount

Ever heard of Cricket Lifeline and ACP Discount? They’re pretty interesting programs. You see, back in the 1980s, the FCC (which is like the boss of communication rules) launched something called Lifeline. This happened because the government figured out that having a phone is really important. So, they wanted to help families with less money afford phone services. Lifeline gives a sort of “money-off” deal, which can be as much as $9.25 (or even up to $34.25 if you’re part of a Tribal family) on your monthly phone, wireless, or internet bill.

Now, there’s something new on the block called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This one helps families that qualify to pay less for their internet. It’s like getting a discount on your internet bill, and it can be up to $30 (or $75 if you’re in a Tribal family).

Eligibility Criteria to Get Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone

Eligibility Criteria to Get Cricket Free Government Phone

Let’s find out how you can qualify for Cricket ACP and Lifeline programs. These things are determined through something called the National Verifier. Think of it as the big boss that checks who can get the discounts.

  • Age and Location: You should be at least 18 years old or a teenager who’s been given permission to make their own decisions. Plus, you must live in one of the states where Cricket offers these discounts. They’re up for grabs in places like Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, and many more.
  • Meet Income Limits: This is important. Your family’s total money for the year should be 135% (for Lifeline) or 200% (for ACP) of what the government thinks is the lowest amount you need to live on.
  • Be Part of Certain Programs: If you or someone in your family is in a special program that helps people with money or other needs, you might qualify. These programs include things like Lifeline, Medicaid (a health program), SNAP (a food help program), and more. It’s like a club for people who need some extra help.
  • Other Programs Count Too: If you’re in some other programs that give help, like school lunch or assistance for veterans, you could still get in on the Cricket discounts.
  • Pell Grant: If you got a special grant from the government to help pay for college, that’s another way to show you could use the discounts.

So, these discounts aren’t just for anyone. They’re meant to help people who might need a bit of extra support. It’s like a helping hand to make sure you can stay connected and get online without worrying too much about the money part.

Documents Needed to Apply for Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone

Documents Needed to Apply for Cricket Free Government Phone

Let’s talk about the papers you need for Cricket Wireless Lifeline and ACP. When you want to be part of these special deals, you have to show that you need them. This is super important because we want to make sure the people who need help get it.

When you apply, you’ll need to give proof that you’re eligible. This means you’ll need to show official papers that aren’t old or expired. They can be either digital (on a computer) or real paper. Here are some examples of what you might have to show:

  • Who You Are: To prove you’re you, you might need to show papers like your ID, passport, driver’s license, or even your birth certificate.
  • Where You Live: They might want to see papers that show where you live. This could be a driver’s license, utility bills, or papers about your house or apartment.
  • How Much Money You Make: You might need to show how much money you make in a year. This can be paycheck papers, tax return papers, or even papers that show how much you get from places like Social Security or your job.
  • Special Help You Get: If you’re already getting help from some special programs, they might want to see papers that prove it. Like letters or papers that say you’re part of these programs.

Remember, always give them clear copies of these papers, not the real ones. And you’ll be able to share these papers while you’re filling out your application. It’s all about making sure the discounts go to the right people who need them.

How to Apply for Cricket Lifeline and ACP

How to Apply for Cricket Lifeline and ACP

Let’s go through the steps to apply for Cricket Lifeline and ACP. This is how you can get help with your phone or internet bills:

  • Check if You Qualify: First things first, you need to see if you can get these special deals. There’s a place called the National Verifier that checks if you can join. For ACP, you can start at, and for Lifeline, you can visit
  • Get Approved: If the National Verifier says you can join, then you’re good to go. But, there’s one more step before you’re all set.
  • Fill Out Cricket’s Form: Once the National Verifier gives you the green light, you can fill out a form from Cricket. They’re the ones who’ll be giving you the special discount. For now, they don’t have the Lifeline option, but if you’re interested in ACP, you can fill out the form at
  • Get Ready for the Discount: After you’ve done all that, Cricket will take care of the rest. Your monthly discount will be there on your next bill. So, you’ll start paying less for your phone or internet service.

Ways to Get A Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone

Getting a Cricket Wireless free government phone is quite an exciting deal, especially if you’re switching to their network. But remember, this carrier doesn’t give out free government phones. Instead, they’ve got something else cool for you. Let’s break it down:

Cricket Wireless Free Government Phones

Cricket Wireless doesn’t hand out free government phones, but they’ve got a sweet deal for folks who need some help with their phone bills. It’s called the Lifeline credit. If your income is low or you’re part of programs like Medicaid or SNAP, you can save a lot on your monthly phone bill. It’s like a special discount just for you. They’re also part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, where you can save up to $30 each month on your cell phone bill. And if you live on Tribal lands, the savings are even bigger – up to $70 per month.

Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone Deal for New Customer Deals

If you’re new to Cricket Wireless, get ready for some great deals. If you pick their $30 per month plan, they’ll give you a free smartphone! And if you go for the $60 unlimited plan, you could get smartphones like LG Fortune 3, Samsung Galaxy A01, or Nokia C2 Tava. Even if you’re upgrading from a 3G phone, Cricket’s got your back. Upgrading fees are waived, and you can get cool phones like Samsung Galaxy A01 or Nokia C2 Tava for just $19.99 with the $30 per month plan. And if you’re looking for 5G, there are options like Samsung A51 5G, LG k92 5G, or Samsung FE 5G available with the $60 unlimited plan.

Switch to Cricket and Get a Free New Phone 

When you switch to Cricket, you’re in for a treat. Starting in December 2021, they’ve added seven more phones to their offer for new switchers. These phones include Motorola Moto G7 SUPRA, Cricket Dream 5G, ZTE Overture 3, and more. But remember, once you’ve got your new device, it’s a good idea to protect it with Cricket Protect Plus or Cricket Protect to keep it safe from damage, theft, or any other issues.

Benefits of Switching to Cricket

Benefits of Switching to Cricket

Considering a Switch to Cricket Wireless? Well, let’s dive into why it might just be a great choice. This carrier goes the extra mile to make sure you get awesome benefits when you join their network.

Affordable Plans: Cricket Wireless knows that different folks have different budgets. That’s why they offer plans that won’t break the bank. Imagine plans starting from $25 per line per month! And guess what? No pesky contracts and no surprise fees. You’re in control of your budget.

Free Phones: Fancy a cool smartphone but don’t want to spend a fortune? Cricket’s got your back. If you switch and activate a certain plan, you could score a free smartphone. For example, bring your number and pick a $55 per month plan, and you could get a Motorola Moto G Power worth $139.99 for free. That’s like magic for your wallet!

Keep Your Number and Fast Delivery: If you’re attached to your current number, no worries. Cricket lets you keep it. Plus, their shipping is speedy. Order your phone, and it could be at your door within a day. Free shipping means more savings for you.

AutoPay Savings: Set up AutoPay and enjoy an extra $5 off your monthly bill. It’s like a reward for being organized.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Sharing is caring, and Cricket rewards you for it. Refer a friend, and both of you can enjoy a $25 credit. Your friend gets a cool carrier, and you get some cash – it’s a win-win.

Fast Internet: Cricket got on the 5G train in 2020. This means super speedy internet for you. Just remember, they use AT&T’s network, so if 5G isn’t everywhere, you might see some roaming charges. You can check their coverage map to see where the 5G magic happens.

Help When You Need It: If you need help, Cricket’s got your back. They have actual stores across the country where you can go and talk to someone in person. Or, you can give them a ring at 1-800-274-2538. And if you’re a Cricket customer, you can dial 611 from your phone. Customer support is there from Monday to Saturday, and even on Sundays, they’re just a call away.

So, if you’re thinking about switching, Cricket Wireless is all about saving you money, hooking you up with free phones, and making sure you stay connected without a hassle.

Phones that are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

Wondering which phones are compatible with Cricket Wireless? Well, you’ve got some options. Maybe you’ve got a phone you really like and don’t need a new one from Cricket. That’s totally fine! You can bring your own device to Cricket. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Unlock Your Device: First things first, if your phone was with another provider before, you’ll need to unlock it. That’s like opening the door so your phone can work with a new carrier. Contact your old provider to get this done.
  • Check Compatibility: Not all phones can work with Cricket, so you’ll want to make sure yours can. To do this, go to this link: Type in your phone’s IMEI number (it’s like a fingerprint for your phone), and it’ll tell you if your phone can join the Cricket party.

Now, let’s talk about some phones that can join the Cricket team:

  • Apple iPhone Series: Phones like iPhone 11, 12, 13, and more can team up with Cricket.
  • LG and Motorola Phones: LG X Charge, Motorola moto g 5G, moto g pure, moto g stylus 5G – these are all welcome at Cricket.
  • Samsung Galaxy Lineup: From Galaxy A03s to A53 5G, Samsung phones are good to go.
  • TCL Classic: Yep, even TCL Classic can hop onto Cricket.

Remember, bringing your own phone can be a great way to stick with something you’re comfortable with while enjoying Cricket’s services. Just make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible, and you’re all set!


In conclusion, Cricket Wireless goes the extra mile to help those in need with significant Lifeline credits and ACP benefits. By providing affordable plans, free phone options, and support for bringing your own device, Cricket ensures that everyone can stay connected without breaking the bank. Whether you’re switching to Cricket for their cool deals or bringing your own phone, they’ve got you covered with options that suit your needs and budget.


Can I Get a Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone if I Already Have a Cricket Plan?

Yes, Cricket sometimes offers free phone deals to both new customers and existing customers who are eligible for upgrades.

What Happens if I Cancel My Cricket Service After Getting a Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone? 

If you cancel your Cricket service, there might be consequences depending on the terms of the offer. Sometimes, you might have to pay off the remaining balance of the phone or return it to Cricket.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Cricket’s Lifeline and ACP Programs? 

To apply for these programs, you’ll likely need to provide documents that prove your identity, address, income level, and participation in qualifying government assistance programs. This documentation helps verify your eligibility for the discounts.

Can I Bring My Own Phone to Cricket and Still Get the Lifeline or ACP Benefits? 

Absolutely! If you have a compatible unlocked phone, you can bring it to Cricket Wireless and still enjoy the Lifeline or ACP benefits. Just make sure to check your phone’s compatibility and follow the necessary steps to activate the discounts.

Can I Switch to Cricket and Get a Cricket Wireless Free Government Phone Even if I’m Not Eligible for Lifeline or ACP? 

Yes, Cricket offers free phone deals to new customers who switch to their network, regardless of their eligibility for Lifeline or ACP. These deals might be tied to specific plans, so make sure to check their current promotions to see what’s available.

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